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Welcome to Carbonate Creek

Carbonate Creek is a valley between two wilderness areas deep in the Rocky Mountains of the western United States. It is also a website that is a gathering point for information, articles, pictures, etc. on geologic phenomena that I've studied. My choice of the domain name "carbonatecreek.com" comes from the connection of soluble rocks - such as carbonates - with water related geologic phenomena
including caves, both modern and ancient (paleokarst), hot springs and the unusual microbiology associated with them. Information on each of these topics is found on the pages of this website. Some of the areas described are nearby to Carbonate Creek, others are well beyond the geographic borders of our canyon.

It seems only fitting that a website named after a valley and the trail that runs through it should start at the trailhead. This is the beginning.

Click on the links to go to the page that contains more information. Enjoy your visit!

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